In a post below, I asked for any suggestions for a Personal Information Manager (none so far forthcoming). What I’m after is something that can live online or on my machine – I do NOT want anything to do with services such as BackPack and the other online ‘Web2.0’ apps. It’s not that they are bad necessarily – all I’ve heard is good things about anything from 37signals – it’s that I want total control over my data and I do not want to become beholden to anyone if I wish to access that data. We are all in need of an ISP to connect, but beyond that, why tie up your information with a company and an interface that could change overnight ? If you work with remote teams I suppose it might make sense but for me it makes none. It may be the ‘cool thing to do’ but I’m always behind the times in anything ‘cool’ and this time I don’t think I’m missing a party. Nick Bradbury (author of FeedDemon which I bought) is among many who seem to be standing back a wee bit from this push to putting everything online, emphasising that there is life and purpose in the desktop yet. I want an online PIM for sync / backup purposes. I’m actually starting to accumulate data that is important (not for me, for others) and while I have online storage that I use, I’d quite like something to help me keep track and remind me too. While just one solution would work, it provides no backup function. This machine stops – others get annoyed at me. This machine stops and I have not only backups but the notes and associated info – others would know nothing. That’s my objective. Unfortunately, so far it seems a wiki is it and that has to be manually synced, has no reminders …

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  1. I’ve found that PIM’s are a really personal thing … in the sense of asking someone “What’s the best flavour soup?” 😉 Which is why I haven’t recommended any. I’ve tried a tonne but none have hit the mark for me. I like the idea of online but want the syncing (XML preferably) but nothing exists for me. I’m rolling my own in RoR now and stringing a few others together.

    Interesting that I can’t live without tech but nothing has beaten pen and pad for organising notes and thoughts for me…

  2. I’ve got one – EverNote (which seems similar to OneNote from MS but which I did not like due to it’s tightness with other MS products) but it’s very freeform. While I’m sure I’d come to like that it’s a big leap from using a wiki and having distinct sections. paper and pen ? I can never read things I’ve written before, mislay things etc. Off the machine I’m very uncoordinated. On it I am very organised.

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