SSX on Tour

A few hours of play later ….
A very different beast to SSX3 and more closely related to Tricky for me. I’m well into Semi-Pro and it’s starting to get challenging. Courses are tight to the point that falling offline is punished very harshly, there are many many shortcuts – and I’m sure a couple of ‘longcuts’ and tricking .. is pretty damn difficult. I think I’ve got the top combo board – by the time I thought a new board might be useful I’d accumulated ~$180,000 so I just got the best one. As you do 🙂 I’m wondering about longevity though … with SSX3 you could use the characters, with Tricky you’d go to unlock new boards, new uber-tricks … but with the auto-save (I HATE autosave on anything – I will decide thankyouverymuch and I’ll live with any consequences too) I’m not sure what I can do once I’ve got whoever it is I’m playing as to be the Black Diamond.
Anyway, more on the game. The camera zooms in well enough when going through tight spaces but doesn’t then zoom back out fast enough. That’s lead to a few wipeouts. The ‘get so far ahead of your opponent’ races are fantastic. The ‘get more trick points’ are difficult – maybe I should buy some Monsters ? – and I miss the many many challenges that were present in SSX3. There’s a cartoon guy on the left of the screen which displays the objectives – looks like the drummer from Slade (to me anyway). Motorhead on the soundtrack – good move. Autosave – it checks the memcard 3 times before you can play a previous game. Long wait …
Still – I’ve played it loads, it makes my thumbs sweat and I both swear and grin. Love it 🙂

2 thoughts on “SSX on Tour

  1. 45 with hype of 33061 – I was just playing.
    Roadkill is foul foul foul. I’m trying to do the 3 race/3 times one that goes through the city and although the city probably has something I’m missing, the top half is horrible, and add in the difficulty to build up boost…… I swear at the TV a lot with this one.
    Ninty village ? Not been seen yet ..
    I’ve not really dug into the hype though – all the close calls and knockdowns – I’ve just been racing so I reckon when I do it all again I should … should … be better 🙂

    At about 1am I was stuck on the ‘get a 300,000 combo’. Made it to the halfpipe with about 80 seconds and over 200,000 – then hit the damn gantry !!! WTF ?

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