is running here. I have – at this time – deactivated the superb SK2 to give Akismet a fair crack. Reading a couple of posts a few hours ago, at http://boakes.org the mention is made of the spammers hammering the server(s) that the Akismet lives on in an effort to kill it – or at least stun it. I have no idea if this is a real possibility, but given that Poker company shares are still rising and the card game/chips etc are still being bought in the shops this is a huge business. Would the hammering just move overseas ? I don’t know. What I would like though is for something to monitor the state of the Akismet server and at the first sign of trouble / delay / non-ping / whatever to then switch SK2 back in. Thinking about it, I cannot recall any plugin being able to switch another plugin on/off – why ? Can it not be done ? It would be amazing if that could happen – a 3-tiered defence.

And I finally got SSX on Tour. “I Rule!” 🙂

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  1. I can’t see any technical reason why one plugin shouldn’t be able to enable or disable another. The list of currently active plugins can be retrieved using $current = get_settings('active_plugins'); and the list can be updated using update_option('active_plugins', $current);.

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