Game ordered 11 October
Game released 21 October
Today 24 October

No game. They have my cash. Thieves ? No idea, but would you order from a company that says We can assure you that this item will be sent ASAP – most of the time before the official release date. and yet fails to respond to emails ? – avoid at all costs.

Edit: Their ‘Customer Service’ number does not exist. They do have a £1.50 a minute line. The word SCAMMERS are ringing loud in my ears.

Edit #2: “Im really sorry about the rare error on your order it will ship ASAP.” Email received at 14:00 today. Hmmmmmm……….

Edit #3: “Im finding out for you now. Not sure what you mean by using your blog to inform what we are doing though!” Somebody ought to wake up I think….

Edit #4: Date: Oct 24, 2005 6:54 PM Subject: Re: Gameseek Feedback My Order” “Hi I am sorry for the delay on this however the item is due to ship tomorrow and shall be with you shortly.” WHAT ? The game was released last Friday. I write emails Friday, Saturday, Monday. I use their ‘Help Desk’ and despite the fact that at 2pm they use the phrase “ASAP” they then cannot be bothered to post it until tomorrow ????

This is NOT good customer service – take your cash somewhere else.

Edit #5: It’s Wednesday 26 October and I finally have the game I paid for on 11 October and expected to get 5 days ago.

I will NOT be ordering from this company again.

============= A couple of years later ………

Order a game (Baldur’s Gate compilation) as I think I lost my copy. Then I find my copy and email Gameseek.
They say to print their Returns form and send the game back.
It arrives, I print the form, complete it and send it back.
I hear nothing.
I use their contact form to ask what is happening.
I hear nothing.
I use their contact form again.
I hear nothing.
And again and again. 4 times, no contact comes back to me.
So I dig through emails and find an address – – who emailed me about this very post. (He owns the domain name).
I email him, and guess what – I hear nothing.
I try one more time and tell them about this post.
Now they get back to me and their reply is “We did not get your game. So what do you want us to do?”
So their contact form DOES work and as far as I am concerned their conduct suggests that they did get my game, they have pretended not to and they are keeping my money.

I really will never order from these people again and I will do what I can in gamer forums to link to this post and others like it – there are a lot.

If you want another name:
Team Gameseek
Karl Westerside
Head of Customer Service

Good luck.

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  1. Im Sorry to see someone had trouble when ordering through Gameseek. I do apologise. Most customers have are 100% satisified when ordering through us. Occassionaly the odd customer may have a bad experience and if this happens then we will do our best to put them right.

    I can assure all of you that our phoneline is 0870 803 4988 and its 6 per minute to call, not £1.50 per minute. £1.50 per minute sounds premium rate to me so if please anyone who has seen that £1.50 per minute number related to our site do not ring it! (and please forward me any details)


  2. I know this thread is getting old, but we have also had terrible experience with

    Nearly £90 worth of goods which were purportedly sent 2 weeks ago have still not arrived, and once we mentioned the desire for a refund, all communication stopped. They wouldn’t even provide information on how the goods were apparently shipped or any evidence that they had.

    This isn’t our first bad experience with them, the last two orders have suffered similar trouble. We’ll be glad to get our money back and use a more reliable etailer.

    “Most customers have are 100% satisified when ordering through us. Occassionaly the odd customer may have a bad experience and if this happens then we will do our best to put them right.” Yeah? When do you decide to do something about it? (PS, use the spell checker!)

    Sorry, cannot possibly recommend these guys/this guy.

    On a side note, its noticeable that paying by Paypal, whilst very convenient for a lot of us, does tend to put you on the ‘back burner’ where customer service is involved. What with lots of Paypal account hijacking and illegitimate charge backs, it seems to automatically put Paypal payees in the dodgey bracket from an etailer’s point of view. So maybe they are waiting to actually bank the money before sending the goods to Paypal payees??

    At the end of the day, there are so many etailers competing for business and who offer much better service. GameSeek’s prices are not exactly competitive anyway, but there acceptance of Paypal can be a ‘dangling carrot’ to many of us.

  3. i bought a steering wheel from gamespeek which i recieved about a week later, “great no problems there”
    product looked ok but playing on ps2 horrendous & kept locking up.
    when i tried to get a refund i was told not possible due to the fact that i had opened the box.
    i thought this was agains’t the law,(distant selling comes to mind)
    please please please don’t use this shoddy lot.
    i am now emailing computer active as they have helped me before.

  4. Gameseek are the best gamestore in the UK. Ive never ever had a problem with them and there customer service is sooo friendly they would do anything for you. I guess you guys are just a tiny amount compared to all the happy customers they have.

  5. I wouldn’t touch gameseek with a bargepole any more. They totally messed up my order this Christmas. They said they had pink DS Lites in stock, but they never did and almost three weeks after my order, said they could only promise white DSs. Then they sent me totally the wrong game and it transpires they expect me to return this (even though I never ordered it) at my time and expense. Hopeless. Their E mails contain the most appalling spelling and grammatical errors and they don’t respond quickly. I have told everyone I know how terrible they are – please learn from my experience.

  6. I am having a bad experience with this company. Their email server does not seem to exist.

    I ordered a steering wheel at the beginning of December to avoid the Xmas rush, it arrived a few days later, but unknown to my wife, they shipped a ’simialr, less expensive look-a-like’ which did not have the featuyres I wanted. Anyway, she wrapped it up and I opened it today to find that it was not the one I ordered from the site, but it’s cheaper little brothet as it were.

    As soon as I realised, I sent a mail to their customer services and it bounced straight back saying that their mailserver is offline. I called the number that I have for them (from posts just like this on the web as they don’t provide one on the site at all) 0870 803 4988 only to find that this number does not exist either.

    Looks like I have been stung badly.

    I am taking a friend of mine for a drive on wednesday. His job is as a Trading Standards Officer and he has volunteerted to bring his badge of authority and come to their trading address with me.

    I will post back my findings… and of course eat my words if I am wrong about this hoax-look-a-like company.

  7. I’m glad I did a quick Google search and found this site before I used these guys, I was looking for a place to buy The Burning Crusade with PayPal.

    However, looking at the responses here it looks as if they’re not as good as they claim. Especially seeing as “Rachel”, “John” and “Steve” seem very suspiciously like the same person (note their use of “there”).

    Thanks for posting this, could quite possibly saved me a lot of aggro.

  8. hi,
    i ordered an xbox 360 from these guys a few days ago with the promise of ‘within 48 hour dispatch’ and nothing has come through. countless emails to them have been ignored and the false phone number is really making me get angry. I’ve just been robbed of £300 it seems. What can I do? Who should I contact?

  9. I’ve had a similar experience.

    They’re misleading the customer into thinking the games are in stock, when in fact they’re not. Shipping: 1-2 days on Gameseek means anywhere from 7-14 days…

    Certainly the first and last time I’m using Gameseek.

    If you haven’t received your game at all, you can report them at PayPal.

  10. I would advice steer clear. The phone number does NOT work, it dials then just remains quite, although I would assume still charging you as you are connected to something.

    Game stock, took ages to arrive, after contacting customer services on a few occasions, they are brief to say the least and do nothing to explain why the item if instock took well over a week to dispatch.

    I am now in waiting for them to get back to me regarding returning the controller, as it is not mappable to pc games as the controller does not have mapping software, no doubt they will try to charge me the cost to post back. But i’ll fight that all the way. watch this space

  11. do not purchase the nice looking Thrustmaster dual trigger wireless gamepad, it may work on your console, but not on a pc, unless you want to use the controller to fire, jump etc but the keypad to navigate and move

  12. I have not seen any positive reviews for ‘Gameseek’. Unfortunately, I read the reviews AFTER I placed an order with them! I’ve sent them three emails but have not received any answer. I shall report them to the consumer program ‘WATCHDOG’ if I do not get an answer within the next 48 hours.

  13. This is nonsense! If gameseek were so bad then why were they nominated for the MCV 2007 retailer of the year award nominated by the industry alongside and

    obv. some of you are just a tiny amount of disgruntled customers which im sure since gameseek sorted you out. Even the best companies have unhappy customers, its impossible to please everyone.

  14. It is NOT nonsense.

    I don’t give a damn what they may have been nominated for – their service to me was bad and for everyone else who has chosen to say so here.

    To try and say that our opinions do not count is not good.
    The fact this post is #7 on a Google search for ‘Gameseek’ is not my problem. Better customer service in the first place would not have had me make this post. In fact I’ve had no contact to even apologise since this post was made and I have a contact form here as well as comments. That too should say something.

    (And why is your name here not matching the email you used? The above link is a no-follow now too.)

  15. Gameseek are the best online company ive ever used, but its obvious its impossible to keep everyone happy. There are bad reviews of every company on the web. I can assure anyone reading this, they are brilliant, no wonder they got nominated for that award.

  16. Gameseek are the BEST of the BEST,
    Ive been using Gameseek for over 2 years and ive spent thousands and thousands of pounds, i have Never EVER had a single problem with them,
    every single email ive sent has been quickly and politly replied to and every single game ive pre orderd and orderd has been deliverd on release day ,and they are always profesionally packed. the customer service and advise on games and accessories i have received has been much much better than any game shop ive visisted talking person to person,

    i never use any other game site anymore as Gameseek offer the best prices overall, faster delivery, and most helpful without a doubt

    i dont usually bother posting messeges on this site, but i could not stand a single bad word said against this website, when all they deserve is praise

    thanks for reading

  17. To other commentors on this thread
    The IP addresses of the people here who say Gameseek are good are all suspiciously close to each other. I certainly believe that they are all related.

    Spend your money elsewhere.

  18. Gameseek Is The Best Of The Best.
    I recently purchased an item from Gameseek before the christmas holiday. I didnt thought my item would be delieverd in the short space of time. But Gameseek was there to lend a hand and work hard to making sure that my item would be delieverd before the christmas holiday.
    Gameseek kept me informed by email about how my delievery was doing and when it was dispatched.
    A week later after I placed my item, it was delieverd 3 weeks before christmas. What a huge delight and praise I gave to the team at Gameseek as I knew they wouldnt let me down.
    So if anybody is considering buying any game platform from the Internet, consider only one Best Of The Best Online Internet Game Store.
    So I give my praise and thanks to the WHOLE TEAM @ Gameseek espically Stephen for working so hard at the Best Of The Very Best Online Internet Online Game Store.
    I Give You All My Praise And Many Thanks All @ Gameseek
    Best Regards
    Scott Andrews

  19. Greatest of respect, but if you order from an online store that looks like that, then you really do deserve to be dicked around. They look unprofessional and have ripped off the EBGames US site totally.

    If I walked up to you wearing a Bill Gates mask and asked for £110 for a copy of Windows Vista (and that’s what you wanted), would you pay me? No. Use your brains and stop being so desperate to get a “cheap” deal.

  20. Well people its not looking good is it.I hope its just a case of bad look on your part with problems with gameseek. Because i have ordered some stuff from them.So far they have already upset me by advertising things that are no longer instock or selling.

    Because they have stopped making why did it take me ordering it to get it off the site. They took 48hrs to respond to my emails.

    I got one off ebay instead.

    I am now waiting in for the rest of my order in hope its coming today like they said in there email to me at 1400 hrs yesterday.ITs now 1200 thursday dont look like it. I ordered on friday they replyed on monday as you would expect to tell me my item was no longer forsale so edited my order by email instead of the site.They replyed on wedesday afternoon why not next day in the morning?I reckon its the same reason you lot say theres no phone number. They must work lazy hours.

    finally if its not here by saturday. Im cancelling my order and never using them again after the reviews on here.

    Wait for my reply people we will see.

  21. I have recieved my order a 8 working days after the date.
    I should have. This is most likely down to royal mail. but the fact still remains gameseek has no contact no. This looks BAD. Most people mite agree with me it looks like there tryin to avoid hassle down the phone. They charged me £5.99 for next day and it was meant to a courier which would have avoided this wait.I.was quite bitter when i did nt recieve next day because this happens 50% of the time to me but not a week.Im goner sick with ebay from now on.

  22. Gameseek are abunch of bandits! Charged me £5.99 for ‘GUARANTEED NEXT DAY DELIVERY’ on a pre ordered item so that I could have it on the day of release, and nothing! I emailed them 3 times and nothing! Steve, Rachel, Chris and Scott posting earlier are probably the same person or all work at Gameseek! No wonder nothing gets done they are all to busy scouring the internet writing bogus reviews!
    If I dont receive my item, I’m gonna take a trip to Cheshire and have a face to face with Steve!
    Sheeeesh….2009 and they are still rubbish. Wish I’d read this page before ordering! Maybe I’ll print it out and nail it to Steves face!

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