Did I mention co-ax ?

I mentioned on the 19th that I couldn’t get a good signal anywhere and that there was no booster. I decided to poke around some more. Up into the roof, replaced the male/female connectors with no problem. Down into our room and high in a wardrobe the coax had been split so another socket could feed from it. Wanting to troubleshoot properly, I unscrew it all and pull everything free. Get top cable, tidy it up, fit new connector. Grab bottom end of cable and I need to tidy all the shielding wire. Grab that – and set every nerve in my left arm jangling big style. Once I’d shaken my arm, sworn and been glad I was well balanced on the chair I was standing on, I checked the shielding wire with a mains tester. It lit up. I tested the core – it too lit up. None of this glimmering gently either – it was full on mains power going through it. Hmmm …. time to tell the landlord that he needs to call someone in I think.

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