Con Artist

The guys are bringing things in from the van, we are busy moving things around inside. One of the men sticks his head in the kitchen door and yells “Your landscaper is here”. What ? J is closer to the door and I’m busy so she heads out. I hear a voice – a thick Irish voice. The guy is telling J that he is the landscaper for the house, that he did the trees for the last house owner and that today is his regular day so he’ll “just get started”. I wander outside, glancing at his small truck. That’ll be the truck with “Tarmac Contractors” on the side along with a (probably false) telephone number. He sees me and starts to repeat his tale. I have an overwhelming urge to yell “F*ck off you scamming b*stard – you saw the removal van and thought you’d pull a fast one”, but instead I tell him we don’t need his services. He pushes the issue. I tell him that I will do the trees if they need doing. I stand my ground. He gets lost. Guys like that deserve to be beaten and locked up.

4 thoughts on “Con Artist

  1. Sounds like the ones we had at work. Manager stupidly agreed to let them tarmac the car park, and when they did a half arsed job of it and demanded an obscene amount of money for it, he refused to pay them, they beat him up, and camped out at the front gates phoning in with threats every 10 minutes. 50 blokes all coming out the car park at half past four soon saw them off.

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