A few months ago I bought some bodmod items from Onetribe.nu, and one object was a porcupine needle. It’s about 7 inches long and the business end has never seemed to be that sharp. Until today. I was unpacking a box of whatever at the new house. Boxes and boxes there was so it was a case of reach in, grab, see what it was, deal with it, rinse and repeat. I thrust my right hand into a box. The sharp end of the porcupine needle buried itself in the middle finger of my right hand and it did this just next to the nail. It hurt like a &@#!!!&**^% and even now, hours on it’s swollen, bruised and very very sensitive. Moral ? Don’t f*ck with porcupines, even ones you’ve never seen. (Just thought you’d like to know).
Oh – and I got my stupid domain 🙂

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