Tories continue to lose the plot

It seems that Patrick “I want my name in the papers too” Mercer is showing the usual colours for a politician in Opposition. He is saying that the UK needs a “homeland security minister, who could oversee all bird flu planning. Yes, he did say “Homeland Security” and “Bird Flu”. What is this guy on ?
He says:

“I want a single minister for homeland security.”

Now why would the Conservative Party homeland security spokesman want a Homeland Security minister ?
Would it be so he can join forces and work together for the good of the country ? No.
Would it be because he actually thinks it would be a useful thing ? No.
Would it be because he thinks the action being taken now by such a minister would avert the problem ? No.
So … why does Patrick “I can do the job better than him” Mercer want the position to be created ? Could it be that as the current Govt do not have a minister for homeland security it makes his title look even more made up than most ? Could it be that he just wants to be able to stand at the Dispatch Box and argue with someONE rather than the whole cabinet (has he even stood there ?). Could it be that he wants to use Bird Flu as a way to make political capital for himself instead of actually doing something useful ?
Mind you….. I can’t doubt the towering intellect of Patrick “I think deep I do” Mercer. On the very subject of Bird Flu, he has declared:

“There are lots of implications for this.”


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