Dear Bird Flu Monitor Splog …

For as long as you keep pinging my posts and aggregating my content, I will keep deleting your pathetic attempts to derive some benefit – however small – from linking to me. I might write about the topic but you are simply trying to profiteer from ill-health. You are a Splogger – pondlife of the internet.

16 thoughts on “Dear Bird Flu Monitor Splog …

  1. He’s got a link to your site in his blogroll. I am offended — he’s been aggregating me, too, but hasn’t added ME to his blogroll.

    You IP-banned him but he’s still linking to your posts (in addition to the blogroll link). So what can you do after that?

  2. I am guy from the birdflu blog. Well, you are right. I should have been clear about that I have removed all of your sources, after you had requested it via E-Mail. I would have put your blog into my private blacklist, so it won’t happen again.

    I usually get many positive responses on my bird flu blog and others. Many people think that this is an useful service, both for readers and bloggers looking for audience. Sometimes I get removal requests like yours and always try to handle them in a gentle way. I am still learning about it.

    There is a huge discussion about fair use of content and abuse by splogs. A post at acado gives you some links about it. Some people think, if there are ads on the page its automatically an abuse. But isn’t there a difference between bloggerspam blogs and mine, like birdflumonitor? In my opinion the birdflu blog is not a splog.

    So again. I will remove your quotes and stop pinging. I hope to keep in discussions about the whole thing. Servus.

  3. Peter, what is the point of this aggregating system, other than to make money for you? When people click on your link to my article, they just go to a bunch of your other articles and ads. That’s a bit of a bait and switch, isn’t it?

    I can’t help but think you’re just using my articles to bring more traffic to your site.

  4. Thanks Bonnie, for replying me. From your point of view, you’re absolutely right. Without having qualified sources its hard to blog. If more people would say keep Technorati and Google outside, which are tracking and monetizing their posts, the web would be less exciting. You are one of the friends of human build web, right? In some things of web culture I may feel like you. On the other hand I am proud to have been building batch scripts assisting me with the editors work. I think we should explore the new possibilities of aggregated webs, because they are useful. You can sort and weight many kind of sources, mapping the most valued voices for topics of content. And thats useful for readers and for bloggers looking for an audience.

  5. Peter, please stay focused here.

    As I said, when people click on your link to my article, they do not go to my site. They go to a bunch of other articles and your ads. How is this not stealing?

    You do not reimburse authors like me, just use us to drive traffic to your site. That is wrong, Peter. It’s stealing.

  6. Aye, thank you, now I now. Well, the quote is full attributed und starts with a link to your site titled [What makes you happy?]. Its part of the freedoch of speech to post quotations together with context, if the author gets full attributation and you add more than nonsense. Thats my understanding of law and commons policies. We give accept the authors right of cancellation, she can unsubscribe from the blog, just by dropping a note, email or comment.

    Second, I followed your suggestion and removed the ad located between quotations and comments. The intention is to let the content rule and to distance myself from splog methods.

    I agree with the idea, that a visitor expects to get to the original post when clicking on the title. How could I solve this problem? Hide the articles with related posts? Or may just link the date-string the title link goes to the original site? I don’t know, have to think about it.

  7. Peter, I am BONNIE, the owner of Ballpoint Wren.

    I am not Mark, who is the owner of What Makes You Happy? I believe he was clear in that he wanted nothing to do with you.

    I am talking about your “continue reading” links. The link there right now is a fraud. It does not take the reader to my site, but deeper into your site, with your ads. Bait and switch.

    How can you solve this problem?

    Get out of the aggregating business. Write your own content. And don’t ever, EVER use other people’s content without their permission.

    And Peter? You are using my content without my permission.

  8. Get out of the aggregating business. Write your own content. And don’t ever, EVER use other people’s content without their permission.

    What Bonnie said.

    Regardless of fair use, you are using other people work to create a site. Pay me and you are welcome – I charge $2.50 per link back to me. The button is on the right.

  9. Sorry, Bonnie and Mark. I was too confused about the names.
    1. have removed the “Continue reading” link. Had never seen this problem from your point of you before, but I agree with you.
    2. removed ad below article
    I love my work and won’t stop it until leaving this place into the forest.

    By the way, compiled topic maps are part of own content.

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