Co-ax and downtime

Seeing as we are intending to move on Saturday, and that SSX4 is released Friday, today was getting all the necessary electrics in place. No surprises with the sockets thankfully. And here’s the “but”.
There are 5 aerial sockets – and NO signal booster. No signal from anything. Looking in the roof I see bodged co-ax connections, but no power supply socket, no evidence of a booster being removed, no evidence of anything being done previously apart from a small tree of aerial splitters. Nice. Removing everything so I’ve got a clear line down to the socket I’m using in the lounge, I still get a really poor signal. Investigating, I find that Mr Bodgit has further spilt that by splicing in some other co-ax. Clever. So right now there is no TV in the new house. As the PS2 works though, I’m not hugely bothered 🙂 That said, tomorrow it’s replacing it. Meh. I am very puzzled about how it worked before though. Very puzzled.

And BT have said that the line at the other house will be complete Monday. So it looks like I’ll be netless for ~2 days. Oh dear. Shame. That’ll be me playing SSX4 then 🙂

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