Moving a bit more

It happened today not yesterday – one of the consequences of borrowing a van rather than paying for one. One particularly large bit of furniture needed to go. A bookcase type thing – it looks like this one (Sanity warning – IKEA link). I tell bro-in-law how we are going to lift it. I tell him of it’s construction. I tell him of it’s weight but relative fragility. He nods. Halfway along carrying it, the f*cking idiot decides holding the sides exactly as I instructed was too difficult so instead holds a shelf. Thanksveryf*ckingmuchidiot. Shelf breaks, another falls out and because of that an end comes loose – which shifts several other parts. Somehow, I don’t lose the plot. We load van. … Sometime later in other house … We manage to get it in and I see the full damage. It’s as good as wrecked. I start to lose the plot. Mr low-forehead then turns to J and says “Don’t worry sis, I know how they put these things together – easily fixed”. I get >< close to screaming at him that if he knew how it was built why did he break the damn thing then. I’ve told J that if he so much as stares at it I’ll blow up at him. No idea if it is mendable properly but I’ll cobble it together tomorrow. And of course when he next sees it up he’ll make some smug remark about it trying to get away from the damage he caused. One day ….one day …..

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