I was watching that !

It was around 1:30am when I went to bed last night and as usual, both girls had gone to sleep with their TV’s on. I went into D’s room, lowered the volume of the TV slowly then clicked it off. She immediately sat up and said “I was watching that”. I laughed and told he that she had been fast asleep, I had listened to her breathing pattern and seeing as the TV was at the foot of her bed and her head had been under the covers, she had not in fact been watching it. She protested that I was wrong. I went off and turned P’s TV off – she did not wake up. I looked into D’s room again and she’d turned the TV back on and was curled around watching it. “See” she said 🙂 This morning I told her – she has no memory of the event at all and denies that it took place.
Reminded me of when I was a kid. All the best programmes were on BBC2 at 9pm, including Not the Nine O’clock News which I always wanted to see. Remember kids that back in those days we only had 3 channels (<hovis music> and we ‘ad to wait all day for them TV valves to warm up so we could defrost us fingers and toes from trudging through the fields to school in the deep snow and then doin’ the paper round and deliverin’ bread up them steep hills …..</hovis music>) and BBC2 at 9pm was seen as cutting-edge radical subversive heresy. Well it was by my parents. I’m sitting on the sofa. Dad’s asleep in the chair. It’s 8:55pm. I can change TV channels without a problem. I can carefully adjust the volume without his snoring changing. 8:59pm …. all is well … I lower the volume even more. 9:00pm I switch to BBC2. Dad immediately says “I was watching that”. What ? “I was watching the News” What ? It’s hardly flamin’ started. “Put the news on”. Damn. Every week that happened. Every sodding time I wanted to watch anything on BBC2, he was watching BBC1. While snoring, with his eyes shut and his chin down on his chest. “I wasn’t asleep, I had something on my cheek” was always a good one. “I’d only just rested my eyelids” – yeah right, for about 25 minutes or more.. and even when I said “Oh, what were you watching ? what was it about ?” and caught him out he’d then say he wanted to watch what was coming next … “What’s that then dad ? Anything interesting ?” “Errm… I’ve forgotten, read about it this morning. Want to see it. Leave the TV on BBC1” …ZzZzzZzZzzzzzzzz. And Spike Milligan’s Q9 ? Not a chance. If only he’d actually been awake I wouldn’t have minded so much.

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  1. I never even got the chance to switch over, my dad always sent me to bed when NTNoCN was on. He always let me watch Dave Allen though. I never understood, even to this day why I could watch one and not the other.

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