Looking back a bit …

Back in January, I wrote this:

On the buses around here, there is a freebie newspaper “Metro”. Mildly diverting for a short journey which I guess is the aim of it in some ways, but wouldn’t it be oh-so-easy to load it with germs / bugs and then let it do it’s deadly mission all day long ? Fact is, everyone on YOUR bus could be totally healthy yet that newspaper acts as the agent of transmission between busloads does it not ? Okay, so other surfaces do as well, but not as many are touched so much and can guarantee hand to face / other skin type contact. Death by newspaper ……. conspiracy theory – you could wipe out a town with some strategic reading material (heh, they’d have to use comics in some towns 🙂 )

Wonder if they will stop that freebie …….

One thought on “Looking back a bit …

  1. Unlikely – as it wouldn’t be needed to spread an infection.

    An airborne infection (as that would have to be) would be much better deployed in a busy area with people spreading out from there. Liverpool Street, Kings Cross, or Victoria Station would make much more sense – and that would be eeeeasy.

    The evil ebola virius mutation that broke out a few years ago? If someone had some of that and let it loose in Heathrow it was estimated to reach something like 75% of the worlds population in less than a week.

    Which is why I find the fuss over Bird Flu (something that still hasn’t transfered Human->Human yet) really funny. Yeah it’s a risk, and one that shouldn’t be ignored, but its not the armageddon some people seem to think it is. Especially the newspapers atm…

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