Trolls under the stairs

Why is it that I can troop up and down the stairs with no thought, no concentration yet as soon as I have to carry a large box downstairs I act as if the “trolls under the stairs” are going to pull my feet out from under me ? Instead of just accepting that the next step will be where it was 10 minutes ago, I now have to feel for it with an outstretched foot – gently stabbing bluntly through the air until contact is made. And why, when I get to the floor, which I know is the floor do I carefully extend the same foot to tap around and check that in my absence upstairs someone has not silently slipped in and removed great chunks of earth from the floor so leaving me balanced atop a narrow pile of soil and carpet while the fiery core spouts flames and smoke ?
Monday we have use of a van. Monday I ring Zen. When the router stops working here, I move. (So that’s not Monday then !)

One thought on “Trolls under the stairs

  1. I’ve never been able to figure it out, but I do exactly the same thing. As soon as I can’t really see over what’s in my hands, I become extremely paranoid that I’m going to fall down the stairs. Actually, I tend to do that when I’m trying to go down stairs while it’s dark as well. Gotta be careful with those stair trolls.. they’ll make that last step a doozy, don’tcha know. 😉

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