Small details…

Another – I really must start linking to other than the BBC – story about the new video iPod.

……one could be forgiven for thinking it is the first portable video player to arrive on the market.

But in fact there are many other competing products, including Sony’s PlayStation Portable, which launched in the UK in September and last year in Japan.

It can play movies and video content and has a bigger screen than the iPod.

And guess what ? The PSP can play GAMES too !!! Stupid BBC.

3 thoughts on “Small details…

  1. Cameron – that’s just Apple marketing stupidity.

    The iPod is a product range, so really it should be refered to as one if you want to be reeeally pedantic.

    However the PSP isn’t really an iPod competitor. It’s barely portable unless you have a backpack – and its audio player blows. the PSP is a games machine and UMD player than happens to be able to play audio. The iPod with Video (its correct title) is just that: a really nicely engineered audio player that happens to play video.

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