It’s slowly coming into sight over the horizon and will be in full view very soon.
FreshlyPressed – it’s a new concept and it’s the exciting, new project for Mark, Shadow and Stuart. (Hey, maybe we should call it 3 Men and a Baby instead!).

It’s not about being cheap – but it’s definitely not expensive either. It’s more about offering good quality service and support.

It’s realistic. It’s fresh!

But what is it exactly?

Well, it’s like a web host kind of thing but really it is much more than just a hosting package. And it’s like a support forum thing except that it’s really more like a friend. And it’s full of little surprises, but we can’t share them with you or where is the surprise? To put it simply – it is just a really good idea.

It is a new community in the making…

So, if you are contemplating a shift in location for your blog ? Or maybe a domain name change and a new direction ?

Then, get in touch with FreshlyPressed. You may be very pleasantly surprised by what we have to offer…

Special opening deals for a limited number of accounts.

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