Cameron – Guilty

Prospective Conservative party leader David Cameron mainlined heroin in his youth. Maybe. Seeing as he is repeatedly dodging the issue, I’ll guess. The Independent on Sunday is asking “Should we care if a politician took drugs in his/her youth?“. Yes and No.

No is that I couldn’t care what anyone does in their youth – like the guy says, we all do things which looking back on were fairly daft, if not downright dangerous – but then if he is going to be a hypocrite by prevaricating on drug use, then we should care. I used drugs for a brief period in my life – cannabis, marijuana, red leb, black leb and it was only a lack of money that stopped me from taking it further. Do my girls know ? Yes. Can I lecture them about the evils of drugs ? No. Can I make laws about what they can and cannot do ? No. Can I act all ‘holier than thou’ ? Yes – but I’d be a dick for doing so.

Yes we should care because he is in public office. He will create and shape legislation. He will be a figurehead and a role model for lots of teeny right-wingers (“Cam did okay with spliffs”), he will have to formulate policy that deals with drug problems, with crime, with all the things that he was once part of. Thing is, because he isn’t showing us the dirty spoon, we can assume what we want – did he inhale ? Or did he mainline (has he been seen in shirtsleeves recently) ? And has the party not learnt from John “Victorian Values” Major who while he was lecturing the country about what we should do was busy banging away at Edwina ?

I don’t think we can ask that our politicians be perfect at the time they take up office – though from that point they become fair game should they veer from the narrow path – but I do think that we should expect them to not have broken the law. The Conservative party like to be seen as the party of Law and Order – so why promote someone who has broken the law ? The argument that he has “been there, done that, learnt a thing or two” does not hold water (bong anyone ?). And if he won’t admit now what he has done wrong in the past, what can we expect when he does take up office ? If he is not quite lying now, he sure as hell isn’t telling the truth.

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  1. The verb “lecture” kind of implies a “holier than thou” attitude. Say that sentence using the word “educate.” As in, “Can I educate my kids about the evils of drugs?”

    Drugs should have as few restrictions as alcohol, imho. But I do believe we should [insert correct communication verb here] our kids about drugs, whether it be lecturing, or talking to, or educating them.

    It’s like educating them about driving safely, even if we drove recklessly as kids.

  2. “Can I educate my kids about the evils of drugs?”
    I don’t think I can – I found the effects lovely, really pleasant. So from personal experience I cannot.

    What I can do is be honest – what this MP is not.

  3. So you were a responsible user, just like those people who can drink without becoming alcoholics. But have you never met someone who ruined their lives with drugs or alcohol?

    Alcoholism runs in our family. So I talk to my kids about the risks inherent in any drug, including and especially alcohol. One of our relatives talks to my boys about how bad he got with drugs (he stole from his parents, broke into medical offices, etc.) and how hard it was to get and stay clean. Another relative tells them about the two DUIs he got and how much even one DUI can mess up your job, your finances, everything.

    These are things our kids need to know.

  4. They made a huge deal here about Charles Kennedy and his nightly relationship with a glass or two of whisky.

    I wouldn’t say I ruined my life with alcohol, but it was certainly a factor in where I am today.

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