Apple, the new iPod and the BBC

From Boing Boing

I also read in one source that Apple is negotiating with the BBC for access to their massive library.

From the BBC Technology page

“For the iPod generation, the flexibility of being able to watch TV programmes on their own terms means broadcasters need to rethink what we do,” said the BBC’s head of new media, Ashley Highfield.

The terms and conditions of this will be very interesting – after all, WE pay their license fee and we should not be expected to pay twice should we ?

4 thoughts on “Apple, the new iPod and the BBC

  1. Damn right We should NOT have to pay twice. Really we should not be paying at all! It is hi time the BBC stood on its own. Other Networks do, and do it very well at that. The BBC is institutionalised and while ever it gets public funding it will remain so. Time to change and the government should be bold enough to force that change.

  2. Betteridge makes an interestinjg point about this (rights and repeat fees etc) at

    I agree about the license fee but if you were getting paid for your WP docs, would it annoy you if people were redistributing them without passing on some fee to you?

  3. @Claire – I read Ian’s post but wasn’t his mainly aimed at the license fee increase ? Though having said that, from what I recall right now all the same stuff would apply.
    As for WP stuff – given the base on which it’s built, if someone wants to take it and does so openly, then fair enough. When (not I did not use ‘if’) this happens in the next few months because someone took for their own profit and they did so covertly, then they will face the music (and me a libel case no doubt).
    There is also someone hotlinking and can I get them ? I’ll find them one day …

    If the BBC agreed a non-exclusionary way of redistributing content that meant anyone with a computer could access it, that would be okay – not everyoe has the net and why should they pay for what we use. But if this deal was being talked about with M$, people would be screaming blue murder – Steve Jobs is no nicer than BG here – it’s business.
    The BBC should not get into any agreement that support another business in this way.

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