That wood

Just in case anyone read the entry below: When I worked with people who had challenging behaviour, there was inevitably someone who was into property destruction and who by experience was very very good at it. Their furniture would be very expensive because you’d have to get the Works dept. in to make cupboards that were very heavily reinforced – where normally a 20mm batten would do, several battens of 40mm minimum would be used. One nail ? Nope, several screws. It would take twice the wood at least to build. The cupboard in the upstairs bedroom reminded me of this.
There were actually only 2 screws holding the cupboard carcass to the wall. The uprights of the main cupboard had been forced into place and were held there because the ceiling wanted to press down and the floor didn’t want to. It was butted up to the door frame and I literally had to mallet it out. Every screw hole has been covered and disguised. Every thin batten had a chunky one next to it. each part weighed a huge amount. The horizontal part had several screws down into a batten (hidden screws) but again had been forced into place such that tension was holding it. As I said yesterday, I couldn’t see anything holding it together – I only realised how they were hidden when I started whacking the horizontal. An amazing piece of construction. The child who inhabited that room must have been into property destruction.

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