GMail: Spot the difference

Image on the left is from IE, on the right Firefox.


Why does the IE version say “Move to Deleted Items” when the Firefox and Opera versions say “Move to Trash” ? A deliberate move by Google to distinguish between browsers ? Why ? Is it assuming something about the browser user ? If so, what ? The answer would be that different coders produced each version of the underlying code, but then looks the same as … Why not the same language ?
(Ignore the labels part – the IE account has no labels.)

5 thoughts on “GMail: Spot the difference

  1. Well to be more accurate – Mozilla uses trash, and Firefox is part of that suite. It is consistent with the overall scheme of things.

    Firefox doesn’t actually have a trashcan/recycle bin though. If you delete something (like a bookmark) then its gone. Google uses the Trashcan metaphor, so delete doesn’t work (until it’s “delete forever”).

    I think they chose the logical compromise (I never liked Deleted Items as a term – they aren’t actually deleted).

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