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Here’s yet another compelling reason to use Firefox. While site owners have every right to display ads in their space, I say I have every right to not see them. I guess those owners that run ads will talk about hosting costs, funding a network, paying bloggers etc etc etc but the simple fact is that I don’t want to see them – I’m not going to click them anyway. I’ve been running Adblock for a while now with the added GFilter set and it’s done a fine job. Couple that with CustomiseGoogle and the number of ads I saw was very few. (Adsense ? What’s Adsense ?). However, I just updated Adblock to the Plus version and wow what a difference it makes. I went to a number of sites in FF and had the same sites open in IE – the difference is amazing. In FF I see the content which is what I am after, in IE I see ad after ad after ad that just get in the way. Here’s an image to illustrate the point: (181K, 480*2100) To the left of the black line is the Firefox image with Adblock Plus enabled, to the right the IE image. Note the placements of the Subscribe buttons and what’s on top of them.
Which image do you like the most ?

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2 thoughts on “Adblock Plus++

  1. I don’t mind the unobtrusive google ads or a few other ads in the side panel as long as I can focus on what’s written. But when they put those big flashing monstrosities right in the middle of the content I don’t even bother and hit the back button. Some of the more ‘popular blogs’ are laden with the crap. It irks me.

  2. Camino does a great job out of the box for me … which is why I forget my own site has adsense sometimes 😉

    “Why aren’t those ads showing up? Did I change something in the code?”
    {Sensible Self to Self) “You have ad-blocking on dope”

    Shite … shouldn’t have admitted to that brain belch :/

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