After trying the other day for a few hours, I gave up the battle to increase the width of the top cartilage hole in my ear to 4mm. I left the metal out for a day, then yesterday slid a 3.2mm spike in there which stayed in place with no help. My ear had relaxed, recovered and was probably quite chilled out about the event …. but just as it thought the danger had passed, I stepped out of a hot shower this morning and jammed a spike through the hole. 30mm long and 4mm wide at the stem it slid in with barely a sting. Popping the 4mm drilled barbell in followed moments later. Smug ? me ? Oh yes. A couple of hours later, my ear woke up, took a look round, realised that the scenery had changed and decided to kick up a stink. It throbs now. Not toooo much, but enough for me to know that if even the lightest sheet gently touches it during the night I will wake. It’ll only be this way for a day or two.
Width of all holes in just my left ear when added together: 48mm

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