Critical Mass

Doing the move as we are is both good and bad. The good is that the stress levels are lower, we get more time to decide on what goes where, get the curtains down in one house and up in the other, get stuff moved over in some sort of order. The bad is that we currently have 2 houses in a state of untidiness and that we need a man/van more than once. We hit what I think is critical mass #1 earlier – there is now so much in the new place that needs putting away but the furniture it lives in is here. So we need the man/van before we can do much more – else the untidiness will actually get in the way when the bigger chunks of furniture arrive. Hopefully get some transport sorted this weekend.

In the garage of the other house are some boxes of bits that the previous tenants left behind as unwanted. USB Hubs. Lots of them. I could daisy chain about 24 devices just from what they left. And lots of huge device switches (not KVM) too. Wire City it was in those two boxes.

And the process of moving:
“I wondered where that had gone !”
“Can I throw this out ?” … “No ! I use that all the time !” says she, scraping the dust and cobwebs off it.
“Aww…… look at you. I think you were about 4 in that picture” …. “Dad, leave it okay ?”

The dog. I’ve not mentioned it for a while ….. when we got him, he could not get on the bed. Indeed he could not even get upstairs and the plan (my plan, since overruled) was that he never go up there. Hmmph. Anyway, like I said, he could not get on the bed. He did yesterday morning by simply walking onto it. He didn’t even break his stride. My bed. Me boss dog. Me will win.

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