Resource graph / GMail

Here’s the readout:

Here’s what caused it:

  1. Two browser tabs open. FeedDemon open. No activity from me.
  2. I click the GMail link in Firefox – one click, nothing else
  3. I’m doing nothing at all. Not even moving the mouse
  4. I click the ‘Compose Mail’ link at GMail
  5. I open a browser tab to a plain HTML page
  6. I open another browser tab to a page that uses some flash (a small amount)

I did this because as GMail goes on, I’m noticing more and more delays and cpu usage when I click the link. I’ve no idea what technology they are using, and how much is being sent into this machine, but that graph above tops out if I have my usual several tabs + xchat + FeedDemon + winamp. More RAM could be the answer but given I’ve 700meg+ and GMail is meant for anyone anywhere ….. and it’s not just this FF beta as I’d noticed the behaviour before and it’s increasing resource hogging. Indeed with the 1.0.6 FF I was having a browser crash about 50% of the time when opening GMail. It’s not unusable, but it’s starting to get very annoying.

5 thoughts on “Resource graph / GMail

  1. I don’t like gmail, and I don’t understand why everyone loves it, expecially people WHO OWN DOMAINS! I mean come on, you own your domain, and theoretically you can have UNLIMITED email storage either with pop3 or (which gmail does not offer), IMAP. I love IMAP, and keep all my mail on the server. I have 3gigs of space, and I have email back to 2003, and only use about 10% of my storage account. Hell, I can get more space real cheap, and every time I send a email I’m automatically advertising my site.

  2. I don’t love it, and my use of it is very low. I like having an address that is not my domain should anything take this off-line, and I like the storage. I have an address just for mysql backups – that is all it gets.

  3. Gmail uses a metric ton of javascript. Add that to the fact that Firefix is VERY resource intensive (and hates giving it up)… I’m not too surprised.

    I remember getting similar problems with the cutting edge DHTML sites of old. It’s just the browser trying to run javascript.

  4. I own, running on a massive server system, but use GMail for my mail.

    This is because they gave me exactly the interface I always wanted for my email — it’s search/tag-based, simple, robust, has web/local dichotomy to worry about, and has good spam-filtering technology. I had been floating emailless for 10 years, having tried various systems since leaving my family’s AOL account, and was only satisfied when I stumbled on GMail.

    However, this browser resource-hogging problem is obnoxious, and it happens in my browser (Maxthon) as well as in Firefox. I find that there will be long pauses as I’m typing emails before it catches up with the keyboard unless I restart the browser.

    They need to fix it, and thank you for making noise.

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