Zelda: The Ennui Cap

I love the Zelda games which I’ve played since the SNES. I can remember playing the GameBoy version (which I’ve done twice when the GBC came out) and being amazed that they had produced such a fantastic game where there was no ‘jumping’. Link could walk, run and climb – but not jump. Then came the brilliant N64 version which was – and is – stunning. There was a part of that game though which I think started the rot. The GC version with statues continued the decay.
One of the marketplace shops was the Mask shop and the task involved swapping masks with various characters. Mildly diverting, sometimes annoying but it didn’t spoil the game for me. But now playing Minish Cap this running about is ruining the game. Kinstone pieces. How many ?? I can get to the Cloud Temple but I need to be able to split into 4, not my current 3. I have no clues as to where to go so I have to repeatedly go to each individual to see if they will offer a kinstone, go find the chest, open it, get another kinstone, go find another person …… boring. And getting the shells for the statues – boring as well. It doesn’t add anything but a chore to the game. Tedium.

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