Warming an ear

I have a pierced hole through the cartilage of the top of my left ear. At some earlier time I stretched that hole to it’s present diameter of 3.2mm. Today I wanted to take it up to 4mm. It’s proving a little more difficult to get the 4mm taper through, so I’ve checked the maths.
At a diameter of 3.2mm, the circumference of the hole is 10.05mm, but a diameter of 4mm raises that figure to 12.56mm – that’s a whopping 25% ! Looking at the overall area, at 3.2mm it is 8.04mm² yet at 4mm it goes up to 12.56mm² which is over 50% greater. So it’s no great wonder then that my left ear is surprisingly warm as I have kept nudging the taper along. Maybe I should get Brian at abody to do it for me ? But then cart piercings don’t hurt to get done particularly do they ? it’s when you do stuff like this that they protest loudly.

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