Quiet ..

  • Moving house a carfull at a time.
  • Playing Zelda (Minish Cap). Currently in the Wind Temple and I realised I need another ‘me’ so I must head back down and find that.
  • CSS problem on my little redesign which I can’t be bothered to find tonight.
  • New backup guide type thing probably on the way here. I’m currently playing with solutions.
  • Fantastico – is that an oxymoron all by itself ? Installed a wiki with it this morning. Would it let me in ? Not a chance. I even ftp’d the install files into my machine and did the copy/paste but it refused. Junk more like.
  • Huge greenhouse at the new place. Not overlooked at all. Might be useful
  • New hosting deals ….. watch this space. It is on the way.

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