Pass the Rizlas

Interesting new Search Engine: ROLLYO – Roll Your Own. (src: The Guardian). You can create a custom search of up to 25 url’s of your choice. I’m wondering what it is that this can do which searching feeds cannot ? Or maybe this does things better ? Let’s say I want to search for “Penguin ski-jumping” – it would seem that ROLLYO (which is still in beta so subject to change) will let me search up to 25 sources for that. Hmmm…okay. But when Google will search the planet, why limit myself to 25 ? When places like Blogdigger, Feedster, Technorati, Google and others will not only search but also let me hit that search using a feed, I can’t quite see why I’m going to use a service that limits me to only 25 domains. And it has not got RSS – maybe that’s on the way. But then 25 feeds again ….. why so low ? I think that somewhere I must be missing the point.

In the meantime, check out the black Toilet paper

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