Moving On…

Not that anyone will have noticed anything but Bri’s domain, but they are all back and working. TFFT. Huge thanks to Shadow for his patience, assistance and general all-round goodliness over the past few days. One day the story may be told …… or not 😉 Anyway, the upshot of part of this is that we will be offering hosting, but not just any hosting – after all, with two guys who know stacks about WordPress that’s just got to be thrown into the deal too hasn’t it ? So if your hosting is up soon ….. drop me an email 😉

And we started to move house again today. First carfull taken. P and a friend of hers have unilaterally declared the summerhouse as being their sovereign territory so after I had replaced some glass and hammered a few nails in I was asked to leave their new residence. Given that it was full of spiders I had no problem with that – it was funny hearing screams from the house as the pair of them found yet another spider. Repeatedly. And we are again re-running what must happen to so many other people – “Where does the sofa go ?” and then do it with the table / TV / chairs and each time you add something the equation changes. Needs to wait until we’ve got the main chunks of furniture in place first, though that could be a while – I’m insisting we take this move slower. But the new phone number is sorted so Monday I’ll chat to Zen and see what the deal is because there is no way at all we can move in without broadband. Not a chance.

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