Neurology appt.

J saw the neurologist today. Treatment with interferon-b continues for another year … nothing he can offer for any existing damage … no financial help toward a motability scooter … same stuff as normal when she sees him. I wonder whether he gets more data to report to the drug company than he can offer help for. Makes a mockery of going really – you normally see a medic to get help, not to provide help, albeit in a roundabout way that may only benefit people in the future. He seemed to think the first 3 years of Multiple Sclerosis were the worst too, that by now the initial onslaught of the nervous system would be decreasing and things would even out. It’s also odd he said that – she was diagnosed in 2000 and I’m sure it’s now 5 years later… Quite what he means is odd too – there is no pattern to MS, but then sometimes anecdotal evidence as witnessed and not read can be closer to truth. Either way it makes no difference to our daily lives – I’m still her carer and she still is disabled. A lottery win cannot change any of that.

A few weeks ago, I wrote Be careful what you wish for – it might come true. This lady always wanted to be a bit taller.

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  1. I dislike doctors. They act like they know everything but they don’t. I really hate it when they can’t even read your records right.

    About Gill Hicks — wow. I want to always have such a positive outlook. There are so many heroes in story, too, like her fiance, and the nurse who refused to leave her.

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