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  1. Bearing in mind that most geek dinner meetups have been at the Texas Embassy it might be nice to have a change for once 🙂 . Another vote for somewhere in Zone 1, or at least somewhere near a tube station that isn’t too difficult to get to from King’s Cross.

  2. Given the closeness to Christmas, the costs involved and the additional travel costs that will be incurred, can I make a suggestion ?
    If we want this to be well attended yet also memorable for all concerned, how about – when we have Matt’s timetable of course – we arrange a meetup for drinks only with maybe a meal of some sort later ? That way people can budget their way along and choose when to attend if not for the whole thing.

    Thoughts ?

  3. Drinks only makes sense to me. Especially if its on a week night. Getting to a venue in zone 1 will take me at least 2 hours from home – judging on previous trips in to meet people for a drink I wouldn’t make anywhere till 8-8:30 on a weeknight.

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