Domain shifting.

A few weeks ago I blogged about Bliksem. Complimentary would not be a word that could be associated with what I wrote. I could go back and change that entry, pretend I meant something else, weasel a few ways around some words, but I’m not like that. …… I wasn’t happy and I said so. Since then however – it’s all gone swimmingly ! Several domains moved over, I have used the cpanels constantly and I really have nothing bad I can say. So while what I said about Bliksem that day was valid for those few moments when I hammered away at the keyboard, right now I have to say it’s all looking very good indeed.
Update: Ignore all that I just wrote above. I’ve 3 or 4 homeless domains (wonder who hosted them, eh?) which will be sorted ASAP.

In other news… Hi to Alex who emailed me completely out of the blue today. And I need to get something written about comments / pings / trackbacks. I do not believe people have the right to use them and that permission (probably the wrong word) remains with me. So I can delete as / how I see fit. But then if I write it down, does it make it better ? or just open ?

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