The England Genius Maps

Welcome to the England’s Genius map. Very nice, even if I’m not on it :p

Wifi now secured after an epic 3 hour battle with the damn router. Why can’t they have a ‘master screen’ of all the options (like your WP install ‘wp-admin/options.php’) and a reboot button there instead of change 1 thing – reboot – change another – reboot – swear – repeat. And I couldn’t get WPA working so it’s WEP instead which should be okay – it’s not like I’m in a busy metropolis or wouldn’t notice someone with laptop stting on the wall outside.

So….19 years of wedded somethingorother complete today. J and D along with bro-in-law and D’s friend are in Nottingham for the evening with the younger pair at a McFly concert. I’m here with P and a little friend of hers who is stopping over. Do I work on CSS, do I tidy the house, do I play Zelda or do I aimlessly wander the net while consuming huge quantities of Cola and jelly beans ? I’m a bloke – I’ll do all 4 and more 🙂

And “The adventures of Egg” are good. Go write some more !!

The schism approaches…..

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