An amusing article about language differences in The Times: A right pair of slampadati.

http://spaceshipradio.com (src: BoingBoing) reminds me that there is a book of Ray Bradbury’s I would like.. short stories I think. I can recall two of the stories vaguely – one involving a floating walkway and a crushed butterfly, the other the chase and then the weighing of the victim…

This US Representative blamed the Tsunami on the behaviour of the people it affected. He lives in Texas. Go figure that one. (src: BME)

What’s wrong with this image (from a BBC News search for “bird flu”)

It’s the word “may“. Could I take a wild guess that I think whoever said that has been sat in a cupboard for several months ? May ? Try “will cripple” or “will swamp beyond belief”. Good grief, they can’t even cope with normal flu let alone one that will kill tens of thousands.

And on Bird Flu, Switzerland are testing migratory birds. Wonder what’s happening here … Though the economics are shining through already. Malaysia wants to be declared flu-free because of trade no doubt. I have no idea about the intricacies of trade in that region, but when I read that I automatically thought of British beef, the french and illegality. But that won’t happen again, will it ?

And I was fixing someone’s site yesterday. I had to download their index.php – and in doing so I accidentally overwrote my new layout index.php. All in one file it was… the css, the php, the lot. Not clever. Bah.

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