It’s quite slow transferring 4.3gig over a wireless LAN …. maybe I should have used wires 🙂

I found out I was lied to earlier. Question is, was it two people, or only the one ? Time may tell. Stupidly cryptic I know, but I’ve been mauled enough for asking about Copyright today without me saying anything else.

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  1. Mark,
    I feel your frustration. I think that the project should have created a charter, or a vision/mission statement of some kind to start with. Call it guiding principles or something similar, but there needed to be some form of leadership.

    A small number of us stepped up to the plate to get the ball rolling, and that we did, but it quickly grew out of control. I always compared the development of WP documentation to the development of the program itself; the core code would never have matured to its current state under a development system that the Codex evolved with. Why should have the documentation project been handled much differently than the coding? I believe that it could have been both controlled AND non-exclusionary at the same time.

    All of these points are moot, of course. I was not in a position to dictate or direct how things would go. You recall the trouncing I took when I made a simple suggestion regarding inactive member accounts? That was it for me. I barely touched Codex after that. I had a HUGE amount of ownership in that project given the extent of my involvement with the WP community from way back in the pre-1.0 days.

    I’ve never felt the same about WP, Codex, or the community ever since. I hope that you are able to resolve this to everyone’s benefit and satisfaction.

  2. Craig – I will email you later (I literally just got up). Seeing as we have always agreed on most things, and seeing as we shared a vision when we started Codex, you’ll love to hear what I now know. And then maybe you’ll swear as much as I have.

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