Just ticking over

I was debating reinstalling XP onto this machine the other day. In my travels around the /Windows folder and inside the registry I have broken one or two processes. Nothing major of course – just irritants like folder and programs not unhooking properly so needing a restart to free them for moving / deletion. On the up side is that I have everything running just how I want – well, everything else that is. And on that day I found I had lost a couple of CD’s with ROM’s on. Not good – took a while to get perfect sets. So off I went to grab a torrent file or two. The largest of those files is 2.85gig and as of right now it’s been running 69 hours with 5 more (if I get 11Kb/s down anyway). That’s not too bad for a system I’ve chiselled away at – no memory problems, no restarts. I’m that impressed I’ll not be reinstalling – yet at least. I know Linux and such can do for days and days without restarting but I reckon that if I’m asleep and the machine isn’t downloading, shouldn’t it be off too ?

Right… off to get the armour on…

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