Codex and PDF – I killed it.

It’s dead.
When I thought about this originally, I knew that if it went to a discussion it would get mired down by petty interests, picking over which font ? what size ? line-height ? what format and a mass of other distractions that would serve only to stop the project dead in it’s tracks (You must have seen similar junk at work). That’s why I just went ahead and did it. I hoped (foolishly) that once the bulk of the work was done, that the project would be backed by those that could and then supported by those that were willing to help. I got that wrong on 2 counts – it was never backed, and people didn’t offer to help. A person did – Thank you miklb. And this was despite me offering to mail CD’s to people, to step through the process – to basically do anything to keep this going.
I really do think that a person should be able to download the relevant part of Codex to read at a time of their choosing. But keeping on top of over 240 files and maintaining them was never going to be a job only one person could do – 5 people could, but one ? No. Not without paying them. So since Codex reopened after it’s wierd locking, that work I did has been gathering dust and going out of date. And there’s only one thing that’s worse than no documentation and that is out-of-date documentation. So since this was last mentioned at #meetup and was met with a funereal silence, I have had to decide what to do – do I kill it off or spend even more time doing WordPress work (time that already had been virtually dismissed due to the lack of support). So I’m killing it. The files are now inaccessible.

If you do want docs, don’t comment here – say what you think in the original forum thread but don’t forget that unless there are people willing to commit to helping then you can ask all you want and nothing will change. And yes, I know that there is something in the pipeline – as in something that was talked about briefly – but hey, do you think that will really happen ?

10 thoughts on “Codex and PDF – I killed it.

  1. It would seem some folk just don’t know a good thing when they see it Mark.
    I for one appreciated the work you had done on the codex. As I said in a previous post when you first published the codex, how beneficial it was to WP bloggers like myself. So clearly laid out and easy to use. Unlike the official WP Codex!
    Shame on those who did not/ wouldn’t support your efforts. A great loss to the WP community if I dare use that word!

  2. Sorry to hear the project idead. I liked the idea, and saw some potential in it. I wish I could have helped, but my plate was already full with other projects. Maybe this is something that can be revisited in a couple of months?

    Having the Codex avail offline (in any format at this point) would be big bonus for me. I’d be able to do more of my theme and plugin development w/o being wired down to the internet.

    Real shame, really.


  3. TG – you are more than welcome to the pdf or raw OO files.

    It could be revisited yes – I know that this project is a good one, but the deafening silences (coupled now with the codex ‘licence’ issue) means that it wasn’t going to be officially sanctioned which means support isn’t attracted – we both know how that system works…..

    You can certainly have the url to where it all still is though 🙂

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