Plain stupidity

According to the Daily Mail, Nearly 10,000 chickens have been slaughtered as part of a Bird Flu trial. What ? What ? Which Ministry official woke up in a bad mood that day then ? What’d he do ? Try to kick the cat, missed and thought it would be a laugh to kill thousands of chickens instead ? What was the frigging point of this ? had they killed wild birds, yes, okay – I can see that what with logistics, the wild birds being the carriers and the threat of migration – yes, killing wild birds as part of a trial I could see (not condone, just sort of understand some reasoning) but then the RSPB would rightly be annoyed. But chickens ? read the report !! The chickens were killed in their cages – WHY ? What’s the bloody point ? It’s hardly challenging to kill anything caged is it ? What did they need to do – calibrate the damn gas ? like hell – they’ll have just pumped the whole building full and kept it that way til tea-break.

This was a stupid, pointless exercise that has no excuse at all. None. Whoever dreamt that up should be ashamed of themselves.

“depopulate” – that’s spelt K I L L

7 thoughts on “Plain stupidity

  1. This is actually a measure to prevent the H5N1 bird flu virus from infecting humans. Millions of birds have been culled in an effort to prevent a human, rather than avian, flu pandemic.

    At least 4 people have been killed in the latest outbreak in Indonesia and the numbers are still rising. Killing birds is a small price to pay to save the lives of up to 100 million humans.

  2. We had an episode of mass slaughter of poultry in the Lower Mainland area of SW BC a couple of years ago. They didn’t kill the birds, they “depopulated” the farms.

    Political correctness seems to know no bounds. Reminds me of “ethnic cleansing” rather than “genocide”. WTF is that all about?

  3. Sorry, this case of culling was a test to see if they can cull effectively. They are preparing for bird flu hitting the UK and having to following the recommendations of the WHO. My original point remains valid though.

    Get an education about bird flu before you start crying about the birds!

  4. iFlu – I’ve been catching and reading about bird flu in my feeds for weeks. I am NOT crying about the birds – I read the story that death was going to happen anyway to them very shortly. My complaint is that they KNEW what would happen, there was no doubt they would kill them all, it was NOT a challenge, it proved nothing, it demonstrated nothing. It was a pointless exercise.
    It’s a bit like me hearing that cat flu may be transmissible and then shooting a cat just to check I can kill it. A cat I first put in a box and which I shot at with an artillery gun.

  5. OK, I get your point and it is a little strange – I’ve not heard of any other counties doing the same testing.

    I’m glad you’re keeping abreast of the bird flu situation, it is a growing threat and is trying to prepare and inform, nothing more.

    Keep up the good work. Blogging is harder than anybody imagines.

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