• I was wandering through town, music blaring into my ears, wandered into the bank and waited for about 15 minutes. While waiting I pondered why they had spent so much money redecorating the place and moving the cashiers area around. I got to the front of the queue, a cashier became free and I stepped into place. “May I have a cheque for £45 please” said I. “Certainly Sir” came the response “but your bank is next door” 🙂 … Halifax, Nationwide .. all look the same really !
  • I need to find a tool that will audit one very messy ROM collection and move all the (E) and (U) files into a different folder. GoodTools used to be the way to go. I’ve not yet looked though.
  • I had a thought – do you bother checking which is the R earphone and which is the L ? Why ? And why all the crap I read about quality this that and the other ? Surely for 99% of the time these devices are not so much for listening to music as for blotting out the rest of the world. So does it matter hugely ? And hey, even if you do spend a fortune on them, all others can here is still fuzziness. Or do you have a ‘sunday best’ set ?
  • J wants to move again. The girls agree. My opinion was sought. Why ? Like I have a choice ?

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  1. It’s a fit, and it’s also so that there’s a standard for recording purposes. You have left and right speakers, you pan audio to the left and right, so let’s keep it that way is the thinking…

    And quality does matter… I have my fairly crap earbuds for keeping the world out when travelling, but also have my ‘bang on’ set for objective listening when I want the quality.

    End of the day, if you’re listening to MP3’s, the quality is irrelevant!

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