The Router saga

Remember I said that my Belkin router was cooking itself to a standstill every day ? Well Belkin sent me another – did I post about this ? But it’s a french model. French plug on the PSU, French telephone socket plug (and wow is THAT wierd!). Anyway, plug it in – it doesn’t work. Sure it fires up and I can get to the menus, but I cannot connect to the net. I try everything I can think of but it’s no go. I even rang Belkin and got someone who tried to convince me my machine was broken. Idiot. So this was a few days ago. I tried again the next day, and this time the time synced – and it said connected – but it obstinately would not let me connect. Much abuse later I went back to the hot one. Yesterday I figured I’d try one more time. I went through everything, point at a time. This did 2 things: (1) Showed me that this model of router needs rebooting after every change and that the 30 second countdown to this happening is extremely annoying – after all, if I have done something to make it reboot, I want it to happen now dammit. Not sometime in the future, and (2) it got me the answer. NAT. I know (now) what it stands for. I know (now) what it does. I do not know (yet) why I need this, but I do know that when I rang Belkin and said “I had a 7630 and you sent me a 7633, why does it not work ?” that their system should have said that this NAT exists on the latter, not the former and should be switched off. So … Belkin+ for sending me a replacement. Belkin+ for sending what is probably a better model. Belkin- for their “I can read a flow-chart” tech support. That’s a +1

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