Objects in the future are closer than you think

A number of articles I have read, along with a couple of books have marked 2050 as being a critical point concerning Oil production (do a Google for ‘oil 2050’ to get a few results) and it can be argued that we depends hugely on oil. So there’s one problem – it’s running out. Then today I read Current computer models suggest that the Arctic will be entirely ice-free during summer by the year 2070 – that is one scary article. Really scary (anyone buying mountain real estate ?). So in the next 65 years, and assuming we don’t make all this worse (which we will) our raping of the earth will be complete. No oil, runaway global warming, undoubted wars, strange effects on the world’s oceans and air currents with no Arctic. All things that will take a monumental and concerted effort world-wide to appease let alone try to reverse – and all of it taking longer than the next electoral term. So that’s no votes in it and that equals no action.

I can remember being a kid at school thinking that if I lived to the year 2000 I would be 36. Here we are past that time yet I can recall the classrooms where I thought that and many other things about the future. While I doubt I will live to see 2050, my daughters might. Their children will. My grandchildren. 2050. It’s not so far away. It’s right around the corner that the planet is going to start letting go in a way that no-one can predict. This isn’t some ‘cycle’ that a Haliburton-funded scientist would have us believe is it ? This is the real deal. End game on Planet Earth.

But then as much as I could (justifiably) point at Blair, Bush, Chirac, Putin and many other leaders, the way we are treating the earth is just like how we treat ourselves. We shouldn’t smoke, drink as much, eat so much fat, have unprotected sex, be so sedentary – all things that at the time are comfortable and easy but all things which store painful problems for the future. Head > sand syndrome. Maybe this is some sort of environmental poetic justice.

But the thought that my daughters and their families are going to have to live in a harder, more unpredictable world is something I find deeply upsetting.

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  1. I think George has a point, but also agree with Cam. When we attended the Climate Change conference at the Anti G8 protest in Edingburgh, it was very apparent that personal recycling is going to do fuck all to help the environment. It has to happen on a large scale, and it has to happen *now*. We’ve got less than 10 years before the situation becomes serious.

    There is a demo planned on the 3rd December in London. If you want to make your voice heard I urge you to take part. See http://www.globefox.com/cacc/ for more details.

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