Killed by your Sickness Policy

Okay, so that might be a tad extreme, but according to this BBC story The UK would have just weeks to prepare for a flu pandemic. Now apart from the fact that if they haven’t started to prepare already then they need shooting, and that closing airports / ports / chunnel would do nothing (but you can bet your ass that the US will close it’s doors to Europe…), look at the last sentence on that page:

“People should know that the best thing they can do if they feel ill is to stay at home. Don’t try and be a martyr and go to work.”

Yup – your boss will be responsible for killing you. Their insistence that you or your colleagues turn up even though you feel like you are at death’s door – and you WILL BE – will cause the infection to spread. It happens with colds doesn’t it ? Happens with the flu every winter ? So why not this ?

It’s always struck me as odd that a boss would have a pop at a member of staff who took maybe 3 days off due to a cold/flu, but didn’t seem to mind 4 people taking one day off. Surely simple maths shows that 3 days lost is better than 4 ? and that only assumes 4 others – I have known infections in the hospital I worked in to wipe out complete wards and all because someone played the bloody hero. They just HAD to come in, show how great they were blah blah. It’s this sort of thing that makes a complete nonsense of the ‘No Sickness Bonus’ that some companies have. It’s harmful not helpful.

Maybe you should ask your company what their policy will be ? (And don’t forget to switch the air conditioning off too!)

One thought on “Killed by your Sickness Policy

  1. Interesting. I used to work in a lab that did cell culture. We were told from the beginning that if we felt even slightly sick we should stay at home, so as to not infect the cultures. It was really amazing how few sick days were take because no one would try to “play the hero”.

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