If Else notes that Microsoft are taking some flak on their Gadget Blog. Looking through the comments there are many by Apple users. Apple users who are yelling, screaming and bewailing the fact that Microsoft cannot think of anything original so they rip off ideas.
iPod nano ? Creative got there first
iPod patent ? That belongs to Microsoft thankyouverymuch
Tiger ? Not theirs either
It’s fanaticism like that – publicly expressed on a company blog – which really annoys me, especially when I can’t seem to find all the Apple blogs – where ARE they ?? Glass house. Stones.

11 thoughts on “Hypocrisy

  1. Google is history now it’s Apple bashing eh?

    These are weak arguments as two of them are over names … not technology. And the other is tied up in a tired old debate about the iPod menus. Apple and Microsoft won’t enforce the patents because they both hold patents that they could pull out and throw at each other. Patent registration in the US is a crock of shite anyway, a huge minefield.

    Apple don’t blog as a corporation. What’s the problem with that? There are freaks on both sides of the fence but what’s the point of moaning about them?

    I think it’s obvious that you don’t like Apple along with Google Mark – but linking to poor arguments over names and complaining a GUI belongs in an 80s kitchen is petty man.

    Seriously, getting wound out over fanboys and name disputes? I don’t get it.

  2. I yelled about Apple because iTunes on Windows is – compared to pretty much every other music management program I have used – crap. I said in the comments on that post that my Creative Zen has a manual but I have no idea where it is because I do not need it. I am comparing two products and finding one lacking. Hugely.

    As for disliking Apple – I have not used anything associated with them that I like. Because of this I cannot understand the …hype ? .. that goes with that company and all it’s products.

  3. You complained about iTunes on the last post … what was the point of this one?

    So you don’t like iTunes. I do and so do a lot of other people. It works well for me on a Mac and PC. All you mentioned was update speed and the brushed metal look. Aesthetics aside, mebbe asking if anybody had similar update problems (even compared to the Zen) would have been more productive for you. The update speed is fine for me. But then you had the ‘don’t bother commenting’ quip that just made me think “Fine … “.

    Imagine somebody had posted to the WP forums as they had just installed WP and left a “This is shite compared to TXP” comment without explaining the issue, topped with a ‘Don’t bother commenting WP fanboys” comment?

    What would you think? πŸ˜‰

    I don’t care if you don’t like Apple products though. What ticks me off is the “Apple apologists” comments and holding up fanboy ranting as the reason why all Mac users are idiots sucked into the ridiculous hype.

    As an Apple user I happen to think you’re talking shite. If you had a reasoned argument not based on reading zealot comments I’d respect your opinion a bit more.

    Your blog your right to say what you want and how you want. Just don’t understand it when you normally have well thought out opinions.

  4. Had someone posted to the forums, I would have tried to help.
    Had they posted to their blog ? I probably would not have commented.

    Fanboyism annoys me whenever and wherever – but I don’t find any Bill Gates fanatics in quite the same mould as I do Apple fans. You have pointed out to me before that Apple does indeed have it’s critics but the puerile crap that is attached to the Microsoft blogs (I’ve checked a few and get the feed for a couple) is all coming from people citing Apple – it doesn’t look good. It further reinforces any differences and it a hugely destructive way. My posts here on the matter may do that too but they have an infinitely smaller audience.
    I posted the other night after trying on 3 computers to get the program working. That’s 3 computers, around 11 USB sockets it was tried in, install-uninstall-reinstall, check for updates etc etc etc so my post – like a lot of what I write – was borne out of sheer frustration with a product that has been sold (and fanboy’d) as being a breeze to use. And as I pointed out I have other products to compare against.
    And right then no, I did not want someone to tell me that I must have done something wrong / that iTunes5 was better / I needed an update / that iTunes on a Mac is better etc etc etc etc which is why I posted what I did. I had – wrongly – an expectation that a product from a large company would work without a problem. It did not. That annoyed me.

    The simple fact is that I am a contented Windows user. I may not know the intricacies of the motherboard, but this machine – like the others in the house – hold no surprises. They are clean and run well. So when code does not, it annoys me. (I’m not a freeware fan just because it is actually free – it generally works a lot better).

  5. Just a thought, but could something you have on your PC’s have been causing the problems? True, you tried it on three PC’s, but they are all ones you’ve set up yourself, and all are probably 99% indentical (I’m making assumptions, apologies if they’re drastically different)
    I agree that iTunes has it’s flaws, and would have to say that I wouldn’t install it on a PC, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad product at all. For example, I wouldn’t use Firefox anymore on OSX except for site testing, and yet it’s browser of choice on Windows for me. Does this mean I rant on and on about how crap Firefox is? No, because it’s a good product that does what it does, although not the same on all platforms.
    Apple has it’s fanboys, and they are vocal, but most of the people that would comment here generally have a better knowledge than said fanboys, and to tar us all with the one brush isn’t really on, is it?
    Gary and Myself, to name two people, are Mac users, who are happy with them. They do what they do, they do it well, we’re not gonna leap to the defense of anything solely because of the name on the (stylish πŸ™‚ box)
    Horses for courses, and everyone has likes and dislike πŸ™‚

  6. I don’t mind you don’t like Mac … don’t mind you prefer Windows … don’t mind you didn’t want help. I just wondered why you want to beat the proverbial dead horse? Everybody rants, I do, but when I do that I tend to turn off the comments so it shows it’s not up for discussion. Full stop. Etc, etc. Not interested in your opinion people πŸ™‚

    I’ve never had trouble with iTunes on Mac or PC (and it’s been installed enough times) so I might have been interested in hearing about problems in case I come up against them. But you decided that people were only going to lecture you and sing from the Mac book because you were a dumb Windows user …

    … man you’re hanging out in the wrong places. Not everyone is like that. But as a Mac user I considered myself tarred with a large brush for no reason.

    But this isn’t the iTunes post. All I’m saying is those are weak arguments, and getting wound up over that and fanboys isn’t worth it. But is this what it’s like when you get a bee in your bonnet? Fair enough if it is. I’ll just ignore the Google/Apple posts πŸ˜‰

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