Heavy Lifting

After bitching about that mp3 player I went to sync mine and drop a few new tracks onto it. As I can’t go gym any more there seems little point but I tend to be digitally organised and it’s not hurting anyone is it ? So I sync it and start slinging some music on, creating playlists. And it was right then I realised just how much anger is inside me right now. Every track I moved was one I associate with anger and self-destruction. I think I know why most of it is there and I know there is sod all I can do about any of it. Some of the crap is the sort you just have to live with, other stuff you have to work round and hope things are okay on the other side. It’s nothing huge, nothing fantastically wierd and each event solely on it’s own probably wouldn’t be quite so bad, but all of it ? crapsticks. Ah bollocks.

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