HypePod Cripple

D has a Shuffle. The other computer won’t see it, so I’ve had to install that iTunes junk in here. I have an old CDWriter which could burn a full mp3 cd and more in the interminable amount of time that this is taking to write to Flash. It’s USB 2.0, my Creative Zen works very fast, yet this apparent wonder of whatever cannot get going. The interface is a pile of – wasn’t brushed steel an 80’s kitchen look ?
I can now say I have experienced this ‘Apple’ thing. I will never again buy anything made by this company. If you believe this stuff is good ? You need your head felt. (Apple apologists – don’t bother commenting.)

Edit: iTunes uninstalled. As it does so, it says that Registry values are removed. It lies. Do a search using Regedit and delete the DeluxeCD folder and all subkeys (do be sure you know what you are doing though!)

8 thoughts on “HypePod Cripple

  1. I’m going to use a winamp plugin later when D gets back from school.

    I bought a Creative Zen. There’s a manual somewhere, but it’s not been looked at. The software is very well done, intuitive, clean and fast. iTunes is not.

    @bonnie – 😀

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