hey – I’m not moaning this time !

Something happened today which I’m sure was because of those warm waves of karma that you’ve been sending my/our way. It’ll be a few weeks until certainty arrives, but when it does I will actually be happy 🙂

Also, backing up. My cron script is now proven to work on Bliksem as well as Emax hosting and A Small Orange. On ASO, I have shell access so when backing up the site I was using WinSCP – it’s an excellent program but on Bliksem I do not have shell (and to be honest I don’t need it for what will be there) but this stops me using WinSCP. Enter the equally great SyncBackSE – it must be good, I bought it (there is a freeware version). Once the first backup is done (after a simulated run) it becomes almost a one-click solution – can’t argue with that for effort.

Note to self: stop arguing with people.

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