Now Thunderbird goes beta

I use far too many extensions with Firefox that just do not work (even when forcing them to upgrade) with the new beta so I can’t play with that, but Thunderbird I don’t use much beside themes so I can have a look. And in this 1.5 beta 1 the one issue I wanted sorted has not been. Damn.
I use a fair few filters, and some mail gets filtered into subfolders. For instance, the WP lists get filtered into their own folder within one called (amazingly) WordPress. If that tree is collapsed when mail arrives and I miss the taskbar popup, I have no way of knowing there is new mail in a child folder by looking at the parent folder. I blogged about this before when it nearly cost me work and I posted to the TB forums then – and I’ve done so again. I know it’s a small issue, but using TB for multiple accounts that sidebar can get insanely long – hence my using child folders. But having to open/close to check is .. hmm .. maybe I’m being picky but then I do think it would be an improvement on an already excellent product.

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  1. When I have new mail in a child folder, the parent becomes bold if it is not expanded. I have a LOT of main folders and sub folders, so while I understand what you are saying, I have never in all my time using Thunderbird (1.5 years now) experienced this problem on either the Mac or Linux. Can’t speak for Windows though.

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