Georgina popped my cherry !

Last night, my favourite blonde took my Skype and Google Talk virginity. Rah! And nothing against G’s dulcet tones, but it’s very strange talking to a computer.
I hardly use the telephone (once a fortnight maybe ?), my mobile phone is as dead as it can be and I dislike texting immensely so all my communicating is like this – the typed word. Suits me just fine and on days where I wouldn’t talk to anyone anyway, I can still function. I got Skype because it’s a way of offering better support to people who are having WP problems and who I am already working with (don’t even think of ‘just asking’) and we both grabbed Google Talk because Skype seemed to be playing up. As a first time user of each I can’t say there is much to distinuguish them.
Aesthetics – Skype is nicer, and the ‘Talk’ word on the Google app looks very kindergarten. I can’t see why GTalk though can’t function better. I could understand it being lightweight if line speed were an issue but if you are using a speech app then bandwidth just doesn’t come into it.
One thing I really did not like – it searched my GMail address book and auto-added users. It should ASK ME FIRST. But then I can’t get Skype to use my Thunderbird contact list.
As for which to keep …. I read somewhere that although Google are using Jabber for their app, they are not openly releasing their code which could restrict other apps (for ad revenue no doubt) and Skype also seems to be close to being bought so I have no idea – what will you do ? I am totally against ads in voice calls (which I have mentioned before) but then free is never free is it ?

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