Cheques bite the dust

Shell said it expects minimal inconvenience to customers as cheque guarantee cards can also be used as debit cards. You probably don’t know this, and hopefully you will not have to find out, but without a debit card you are as good as a non-person financially, and believe me that keeps pretty much every single door locked solidly. There is one company that will help though … as long as you put down a minimum bond of £200, and pay extra for every transaction, and extra for every deposit, they will give a debit card for HALF the minimum bond and the small print says they don’t have to return it if they don’t want to – lots of really small print. Got a debit card ? You have no idea how much of a luxury that is. Not the faintest clue…

One thought on “Cheques bite the dust

  1. Having always being a good salary earner with excellent credit status it didn’t take much to totally wipe out my credit status when I suffered a prolonged nervous breakdown. 6 month full salary then 6 months half salary then nothing but basic sick pay. Could not meet financial commitments. My bank of some 20 years closed my account because there was not enough money going in. it progressively got worse from there on in..
    Even though arrangements were made with creditors it made no difference what so ever. My hard earned credit status was wiped out in a click of a Biro pen…Still is to this day. “got a debit card ? you have no idea what a luxury that is” Trust me I do know..

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