Would like some code ..

I’ve looked and tried a few things but without success. Rather than gnash my teeth any more and get frustrated and then post, I thought I’d take the shortcut 🙂
The WP PDF’s are in a remote directory. I would like a php script I can use from here which will read that directory then list each file along with it’s ‘last modified’ date. Ideally, it would let me list the files in alpha order, or by date modded. Right now the index of that remote dir is a big typed list, and adding dates would be tedious and could lead to faults. There is also the problem that the current page allows shortcuts by clicking a letter, and I have no idea if that can be incorporated. I can offer no more reward than a big Thanks, a link and the gratitude of everyone who will use the docs. Anyone ?

5 thoughts on “Would like some code ..

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  2. A bit busy at the moment but I’ll take a stab at it this weekend if you don’t get any other responses.

    I have a question though; will you be providing a list of files in a given remote location or should we be screen scraping that index page?

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